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Aevi Physio is here to serve you with a holistic approach to your recovery journey.
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Our team of physiotherapists are experienced and they practice what they preach!

Both Alice and Gordon are avid runners and they know very well how an active personnel reacts to heavy training loads. Our Head Physiotherapist Alice has more than 10 years of experience in delivering physical therapy services across home health care and inpatient/outpatient health facilities. She is adept at examining patients’ rehabilitative needs, developing therapy plans and treatment goals, and conducting rehabilitation programs. Our physiotherapists are always seeking to leverage hands-on experience to excel further in a physical therapy role.

Sports massage

In proper workout programming, periodisation is important to observe the amount of loads and recovery phases for better training adaptation.

Do not forget about recovery! This is really important if you want to improve or even just simply to increase the intensity of your training loads. Pamper yourself to a good rub down, to release the muscle tension that you’ve built up during those intense training sessions. Our sports masseurs are trained to not just release tensed muscles, they will share some exercises with you to strengthen or stretching exercises to increase your range of motion.

Strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a crucial aspect of physical fitness that focuses on enhancing an individual's overall strength, endurance, and performance. In AEVI physio, our trainers will curate a personalized combination of resistance exercises, cardiovascular activities, and flexibility training, all targeted to optimize each individual's physical capabilities.

Maybe you are somebody looking into strengthening to recover after an injury, or even if you are somebody just looking into strengthening to improve your already healthy physique, rest assure that our experienced trainers will get you the results you wanted!

Some known benefits from strength and conditioning exercises:
> Improved Muscle Strength
> Enhanced Endurance
> Weight Management
> Bone Health > Injury Prevention > Enhanced Athletic Performance > Functional Fitness > Mental Resilience

Do let your AEVI trainers know your on expectations and we look forward to journey with you on your strengthening and conditioning!

Performance training

For those looking for a bigger challenge, or for more athletic individuals, we've got you covered!

In AEVI physio, our sport trainers, Alfred and Daryl are sportsmen themselves and they are ready to bring you to the next level.


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on developing flexibility, strength, and body awareness without building bulk. This method emphasizes controlled and precise movements that engage both the body and mind.

In AEVI physio, we tailor our regime to fit all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Some exercises are performed solely on the mat, using body weight as resistance, while others involve the use of specialized equipment that provides both support and resistance.

The benefits of Pilates include improved core strength, flexibility, posture, and muscular balance. It can also aid in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and stress reduction. Due to its low-impact nature, Pilates is often recommended for individuals with joint issues or those seeking a mindful approach to exercise.

Whether practiced as a standalone routine or integrated into a broader fitness regimen, Pilates offers a holistic approach to physical wellness, promoting both physical strength and mental clarity.

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